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Wally White’s career in film and television, and now as a minister, has granted him the uniquely broad experience of working with people of diverse beliefs and backgrounds.  Raised as the son of small business owners in Eden, Wally was trained to use a work ethic focused on serving people and getting the job done. He is poised to bring that set of values to the General Assembly.  


White has committed to supporting public education in North Carolina so that our schools can be counted among the best in the nation, expanding Medicaid so that no one will die due to a lack of money, ending gerrymandering by taking districting decisions away from politicians and giving that responsibility to an independent redistricting commission, and helping small businesses and economic development initiatives that serve both our urban and rural communities.


White was recently featured in a Greensboro News & Record article which wrote, “Optimism, kindness, a lively wit and curiosity about the world and other people are hallmarks of his personality.  Those traits give him a certain radiance. They led White onstage, backstage, onto the ballot, into the choir stand, in front of the camera and behind the pulpit.” He enters the 2020 NC Senate race fully intent on serving his community well and all the people who live in it.


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